School of Veronica Kalacheva, Daria Ostapenko | Classic female torso (2018) WEB-DL

School of Veronica Kalacheva, Daria Ostapenko | Classic female torso (2018) WEB-DL

Author: Daria Ostapenko
Production: Veronica Kalacheva School
Genre: Drawing

I invite you to a webinar on drawing!
We will draw a classic female torso. Let’s talk about the proportions of the body, the laws of figure construction and make a sketch based on a photograph of the statue of Venus de Milo.
Like real artists, we will study nature and with academic precision, taking into account all the laws of linear perspective, we will convey the inspiring curves of the female figure.

I’m waiting for you at the webinar!

Duration: 01:47:12
Video quality: WEB-DL
Voice language: Russian

Like that:
– introductory (about the weather, what we are drawing, why we need it, and what we will get for it)
– proportions! And the structure of the main forms – “the testicle of the chest and the cylinder of the pelvis.” This is also the secret to creating a symmetrical figure in any drawing.
— we draw the most basic muscles with sausages! Sausages – this is to know everything and quickly!
– Venus! But not as I usually give a construction a la prima, but clearly and centimeter by centimeter. The line is not excluded!


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