• August 2, 2021

SceneCity eases the workflow drastically!

Time is precious. You cannot place each and every piece of a city by hand, there are hundreds of them, if not thousands. Instead let SceneCity do the boring work for you (like instancing and positioning objects), while you keep the fun creative part (like modeling and animating).

Describe the city you want in SceneCity using parameters, such as city size, what buildings to use, where to place them etc… the whole city is then created in a matter of seconds or few minutes, ready for you to play with, like adding cars, pedestrians, changing whatever you want, and rendering still images or animations.

Changing something is as easy as changing a parameter value, then recreating the city. Thanks to Blender, and depending on which instantiation method you choose, you can even modify a city without recreating it. Modifying the model of a building automatically changes all instances of that building everywhere it appears in the city.


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