RH Character Tools v1.03_181025

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fix : ‘Mocap To Controller’ finger bug fix.

RH Character Tools is a tool that automatically sets up the controller on Mixamo Auto-Rigging characters.

This tool consists of a Controller preset and a Script pack. (and Sample Character also!)

Not only does it provide preset controllers with IK, Xpresso, user data, Visual Selector, etc. for character animation

It provides various scripts that make character animation easy. (Flip, Mirror, Reset, Copy/Paste, Copy Track, etc.)

* Verified C4D version : Cinema4D Studio R17 – R23

* Decimal updates are free and may incur additional costs when updating an integer.

* If a bug or an error is found, we’ll update it as soon as possible and keep you updated via email.

​* For more information on auto-rigging and setup, how to use the controller, and how to use the script, check the manual and the video tutorial below.

Before you buy, check out our controller and scripting video tutorials first.

Please also refer to the online manual.


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