Reinhardt 3D Printing Figurine | Assembly

Reinhardt 3D Printing Figurine | Assembly


Reinhardt Wilhelm is a German knight who lives in accordance with the code of honour, justice and courage. He is 61 years old now and he used to be one of the most well-known adventurers. He was a part of the original Overwatch organisation, which was founded to resist the robots’ rebellions all around the world. Moreover, Reinhardt was a part of the first assault team that put an end to the Rise of the Machines. At the end of the war, Overwatch became an international organisation. Its main task was maintaining peace in a war-torn land and Reinhardt showed himself to be of the most ardent defenders. He was always incredibly honest and had amazing charisma. Reinhardt did not hesitate to express his opinion and thereby gained a reputation of the biggest Overwatch supporter, though was its toughest critic when it was required at the same time. Thanks to Reinhardt no one forgot that Overwatch should be a force on the side of good.

ABOUT THIS 3D FIGURINE (version 2.0)

This model has an update that includes 4 new versions: FFF/FDM 2.0, DLP/SLA 1.0DLP/SLA Eco 1.0 and SLS 1.0. Now this model is adapted for all types of 3D printers and has scale 1/8 for FFF/FDM1/16 for DLP/SLA/SLS. The model is saved in STL files, a format is supported by most 3D printers.

FFF/FDM 2.0 version features:
– Contains 24 parts;
– Assembly kit includes locks. One part of  Lock (24_Ge_lock_10H (x42)) needs to be printed 42 times. One part of  Lock (23_Ge_lock_7S (x4)) needs to be printed 4 times.
– Made with a platform that divided into 6 pieces for small buildplates;
– All parts are divided in such a way that you will print them with the smallest number of support structures.

DLP/SLA 1.0 version features:
– Same as FDM but smaller, also made as 9 parts;

DLP/SLA Eco 1.0 version features:
– Same as the DLP/SLA version, but contains parts hollowed out to save resin;

SLS 1.0 version features:
– Same as SLA but made as 1 part in 2 variants with platforrm and without it.

All STL files for 3D printing have been checked in Netfabb and no errors were shown.

Note: Before starting 3D printing the model, read the Printing Details for CuraSimplify3D or Slic3r Software.

There are 24 parts for FFF/FDM version, 9 parts for DLP/SLA and DLP/SLA Eco versions, 3 parts for SLS version.

Scale: Reinhardt actual height is 2230 mm. The model’s chosen scale is 1/8 for the FFF/FDM version and 1/16 for the DLP/SLA/SLS version.

Old FFF/FDM 1.0 version dimensions:
A printed model is 160 mm tall, 192 mm wide, 123 mm deep;

FFF/FDM 2.0 version dimensions:
A printed model is 301 mm tall, 429 mm wide, 294 mm deep;

DLP/SLA/​SLS 1.0 version dimensions:
A printed model is 151 mm tall, 215 mm wide, 147 mm deep;
– Has few details, to keep printing costs down.


STL files of Reinhardt​ 3D Figurine for 3D printing which consist of 52 parts;
5 versions of files for this model for FFF/FDM, DLP/SLA, and SLS;
High-poly detailed figurine of Reinhardt;
– Detailed settings that we provide for Cura , Simplify3D and Slic3r for the best print;
– Full technical support from the Gambody Support Team.


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