Redshift3D Redshift Renderer V.2.6.41 For Maya 64Bit Win

What’s new in Redshift 2.6.41:

* [Maya] Improved performance of IPR mode
* [Maya] Improved performance when rendering objects with motion blur
* [Maya] Fixed an issue where post effects should be applied outside of the Region Render area
* [Maya] Fixed an issue where Batch Rendering resolution wouldn’t match render layer override resolution
* [Maya] Fixed multiple issues with high dpi scaling
* [Maya] Fixed an issue where the Per Particle Reference attribute would cause a crash if the Particle object was empty
* [Maya] Fixed an issue where instancer objects could significantly slow down IPR mode with motion blur disabled
* [Maya] Fixed bug with file output of utility buffers for Altus 1-pass

* Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.28 that forced global volume height fog to appear fully fogged when looking at the environment through the fog plane
* Added ‘Spread’ option to Portal lights
* Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.39 that could cause a crash when exporting embedded volumes in proxies
* Fixed bug where tessellation would produce wrong results on meshes using more than 2 deformation steps

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