Redshift Renderer V.2.6.41 For Houdini – Win 64

  • 2 years ago
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After a thorough development process, weโ€™re delighted to officially launch Redshift for SideFX Houdini.

Redshift can now stand as the rendering backbone to the incredible procedural animation Houdini enables.

Houdini is a powerful all-in-one 3D application combining modeling, animation, rigging, compositing and more. Itโ€™s used by a wide range of CG artists around the globe in industries such as film, TV, games, advertising and beyond.

This brand new Houdini plugin puts industry-leading GPU-accelerated rendering performance into the hands of Houdini users the world over.

Key Houdini integration features

Hair and Fur โ€“ Support of the Houdini curve primitives, that are extracted as RS hair objects.

Houdini primitives โ€“ Automatic and configurable tessellation of the Houdini primitive surfaces (primitives, nurbs, etc.)

Instancing/particles โ€“ Support of the Houdini instancing, including the Instance OBJ node, and the โ€œinstanceโ€ and โ€œinstancepathโ€ attributes, extracted as RS Instances or RS Point Clouds

User Data Attributes โ€“ Support for arbitrary user data attributes per object or instance, enabling shading variation without requiring different materials

Strands โ€“ Render of any kind of Houdini primitive as RS strands

Volumes โ€“ Direct rendering of OpenVDB files and the Houdini Volume and VDB primitives. Support of volume instancing and velocity grids

Non-GUI tools โ€“ The plugin is compatible with all the Houdini non-GUI tools (hython, hscript, etc.) and includes a set of custom HScript commands to control the renderer.


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