Redshift PBR Material plugin for Cinema 4D 2024

This plugin will create a tidy and easy-to-use Redshift material for Shadergraph with a PBR structure in just 1 click.

Depending on how many texture maps you need to use, the creation of a friendly node system with everything plugged and working nicely can be tiring and time consuming. And this problem is even worse when you need to create lots of different materials based on several PBR textures to be used without UV map. In that case you’ll need TriPlanar node for every texture on every material, and probably a Ramp or Color Correct node to control the behavior of each texture, plus a rig to remap all of them.It is a really time consuming task if you don’t have Redshift PBR Material plugin.With this plugin, all relevant maps will be taken automatically based on some customizable keywords, from a given directory. Then the material will be created in a well organized node system, with Triplanar and a switcher to turn it on or off within the Shadergraph.Once you load the plugin, it’s gonna open a dockable UI with all controls available directly in your layout, so you can create as many different materials as you want, speeding up your process and giving you consistency. All of this in just 1 click.On the top of everything, there are a few cosmetic adjustments to give you a nicer experience in order to craft a perfect PBR material.Version Requirements:This plugin works with Redshift version 3.0.16 or later. For earlier versions the script has not been tested and is not guaranteed to work.Tested with Cinema 4D R20 up to 2024 Windows and MacInstallation:Unzip the contents of the distributed file in the plugins folder.For precise instructions, please refer to this link: software must only be installed on a single machine.Please consider purchasing other licenses if you intend to copy this plugin on different workstationsFor more information about my work: