[Rebelway] Houdini – Ocean rendering using Redshift

Release year : 2020
Manufacturer : Rebelway
Manufacturer’s website :
Duration : 05:43:31
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : TIME LIABILITY
It will take the student about 15 hours to view and practice this course.

Content THE NECESSARY CONDITIONS Students should have a basic understanding of Houdini before taking this course. We therefore recommend that students take ONE of the following courses before starting this course: • Fundamentals of Houdini • Introduction to Houdini for FX CHAPTER 1 – OCEAN SETTING Overview of the workflow and restrictions on its use in Redshift How to create parts that can withstand multiple camera distances. Layering and mixing Spectrum. Creating visual complexity. CHAPTER 2 – REDSHIFT SETUP Making all the necessary settings needed to render the ocean using red redshift. Make sure the resulting ocean is 100% the same as the ocean in the Houdini viewport. CHAPTER 3 – ADV SHADING Daylight setting. Ocean shading. Setting up passes / aovs. CHAPTER 4 – SETTING THE ENVIRONMENT AND LIGHTING RS proxy. Instancing. rock shading. lighting. Atmosphere. Setting up passes and custom aovs. CHAPTER 5 – COMPOSITING IN NUKE Fold in all the aovs and passes to create the final look. Learn how to use all of the customizable AOVs to further customize the look and quickly change the lighting