Realtime Materials For Blender v3

Realtime Materials For Blender v3

This is a collection of 200+ procedural materials made to be rendered FAST!

This pack makes adding materials fast and easy by being able to add them to your material through the Add menu (shift-A). The material categories range from beautiful abstract shaders all the way to practical materials like ceramic.


Paint & Metal

There is a wide range of metal materials along with a full collection of painted materials as well

Practical Materials

If you need some Exterior materials like stucco, this pack comes with a wide range of practical materials for any situation.

Abstract Materials

If you love colorful and abstract art these materials are just what you are looking for.


These materials are made to add some nice detail to models that would otherwise have a simple flat surface.


All materials have been consolidated into easy-to-use group nodes with titles sliders, making editing quick and easy.

How To Use

Install the Addon from the zip file in your addon preferences. Then click on the model you want to apply the material to, hit shift-A and at the bottom you will see the materials.

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