QuadSpinner Gaea 1.3.2 Win x64

QuadSpinner Gaea is designed to help you transform your imagined terrains into real assets.

Our arsenal of nodes cover the entire gamut between primitive shapes and sophisticated generators that encapsulate complete natural processes. Amplified with an efficient and flexible procedural workflow, these tools can be implemented for a wide variety of projects.

Gaea has become an invaluable package for top studios from pre-viz to final shots. The powerful effects and time-saving features help you create assets quickly without compromising quality.

The versatile procedural pipeline and bridge to key applications like Houdini® make it a natural component in any workflow.

For Games
Whether you’re using cutting-edge mesh virtualization or classic heightmaps, Gaea can help you create hyperrealistic worlds to build your game on and skyboxes to enrapture your players. The advanced graph and procedural tools can ease management and maintenance of complex terrains in long projects.