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QFX KeyScrambler Pro / Premium Encryption on data




Allows you to have the encrypted keyboard immediately by pressing any key. The user interface of this software allows you to encrypt your input data, thus protecting your file from the viewer's eyes. Updates such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, MSN Explorer, AOLExplorer, etc. are often vulnerable to Internet attacks, etc., but using this online shopping software, you will receive emails, cards. Credit, URLs, Java, Flash, gmail, Yahoo mail, hotmail, browser dialogs, passwords, etc. are all supported against other keyloggers. With this software, you can easily support the password needed to log in to Windows. This software, which you download from Soft Ninety-Eight, also has the ability to encrypt Windows Vista and Active Directory users' account control.

With the help of the capabilities that belong only to this software, it is possible to protect the security and vital systems of a company against any danger, and in addition, it is possible to enter the risks caused by a computer into other systems and network one. The company prevented. This product is compatible with other security software that works in the field of encryption and authentication methods. How to install this software on multiple computer systems or multiple computers is as simple as installing on one computer.

KeyScrambler software capabilities

  • Easy access to the encrypted key of each keyboard
  • Security in online shopping, email, credit cards, addresses and …
  • Support for Internet browsers
  • Encrypt the password needed to log in to Windows
  • Ease of installation even on multiple computers and multiple computers
  • Compatibility and coordination with other encrypted software

Premium version
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