Pure-Sky Pro v6.0.2 For Blender 3.0+

100% synchronized with the “Sun position” addon and the “Nishita” sky (Cycles).

Pure-Sky Pro is a procedural sky that allows you to generate realistic lighting and an advanced volumetric environment for all your projects in interior or exterior architecture, your science fiction films etc.. Generate more than 30 types of sky and 10 types of clouds in a few clicks with the presets. A new era begins, so you can join the Pure-Sky Pro family now by testing the trial version. A discord server is now available, feel free to join us. Or follow us on: Twitter.

Sun, Moon, Stars, Space, Solar Eclipse. Fog, Rainbow, Atmosphere, Paintable Cloud, Aurora Borealis, High & Low Altitude Clouds.

30 Sky Presets: Sunset 10, Day 8, Night 6, Eclipse 2, Aurora borealis 3, Space 1.

10 Clouds Presets: Altocumulus, Cirrus, Cumulonimbus, Cumuls Congestus, Cumuls Fractus, Cumulus Humilis, Cumulus Mediocris, Cumulus Radiatus, Cumulus, Nimbostratus.

Cycles: Read the documentation PSP_5.1 (EN)
Eevee: Read the documentation PSP_5.1 (EN)
Pure-Sky Pro 6.0 Alpha Released! “No presets included”. (02/12/22)

Pure-Sky Pro 6.0_Alpha_How do I add an HDRI card?

Pure-Sky Pro 5.1 Released! (17/06/22)

Cumulus Clouds

The rewriting of the volumetric nodes will allow for even more realistic shapes and animation (Work in progress).


The “Cumulonimbus Capillatus” are the most impressive clouds that we can observe in the sky, you will soon be able to generate them in your scene. (Work in progress).


You can add an HDRI card for a more realistic rendering. (PSP 6 “Alpha”).

Realistic Sunrise
Achieve hyperrealistic renderings with the volumetric atmosphere. Choose from over 10 sunrise presets.

Aurora Borealis

Sublimate your night scenes with very realistic and easy to animate aurora borealis. 3 presets are available.

Flying To Space

Pure-Sky Pro is the only procedural sky that allows you to fly in space without using a keyframe. Atmosphere and space appear automatically as in reality when you move in the “+Z” axis of the 3D scene.

Full Moon Night

The volumetric atmosphere combined with the 2D layout allows you to create beautiful night scenes with realistic lighting. The overall lighting of the scene is perfectly synchronized with the visible portion of the moon.

Day & Night Cycles

Pure-Sky Pro is 100% synchronized with the “Sun Position” and “Nishita Sky Texture” addon, which allows to set the year, month, day and local time. Easily generate day and night cycles with precision.

Realistic Sunset

The combination of the volumetric rendering and the “Nishita sky texture” allows to realize very realistic sunsets.

Realistic Outdoor Lighting

Easily light your entire 3D scene for your architectural renderings. The transmission generated by the volume (clouds and atmosphere) brings a natural luminosity to your scenes.

God Rays

More advanced clouds and atmosphere are in development, you will be able to generate god rays and more realistic clouds easily for “Cycles”. (Work in progress).

Important!! (Eevee)
Read the documentation PSP_5.1 (EN)
Please, read the data sheet carefully before making a purchase.
The stability of this product is guaranteed only for the latest stable and official version of Blender.
Volumetric rendering with eevee imposes limits that do not depend on us, to get very sharp clouds you have to increase the “ClipStart” distance of the camera, this problem exists because volumes do not emit shadows with eevee. This update (EEVEE’s Future) of the Blender Foundation will solve this problem.
Generating volumes requires good machine performance, make sure your equipment is suitable for this. Hardware configuration used for the demo: GPU RTX 2060, CPU I7 3.60Ghz, 16GBRam.