PlantFactory 2019 R3 Build 3002553 Win Mac

Installer for Macos works
(i had to give 777 permission for these to files)
PlantFactory/Setup (Mac).app/Contents/MacOS/Setup
PlantFactory/Setup (Mac).app/Contents/MacOS/Setup adminRights

in terminal please cd inside the folder “PlantFactory/Setup (Mac).app/Contents/MacOS/” i am not responsible if macos get bricked
sudo chmod 777 Setup
sudo chmod 777 Setup_adminRights

when installing chose network licence – do not install RLM
RLM i do recommend using C4DtoA RLM for MAC – it is
put contents of PlantFactory 2019 RLM folder inside C4DtoA`s RLM and good to go. or localhost:5054 (by default)

good luck