PixelBerg Plugin For Cinema 4d Real Time View Port Render Plugin

FrostSoft PixelBerg 1.9 for Cinema 4D R16 - R18 Win/Mac

PixelBerg brings realtime physical based rendering to the C4D viewport and hardware render whilst also supporting lighting fast output with C4D standard render engine. Pixelberg whilst aimed mainly at the realtime artist is
flexable enough to be used on a variety of projects. It uses any GPU+CPU for rendering.

This plugin for you if:
1) You love standart Cinema 4D render.
2) You don’t want to learn new tools for rendering.
3) You are tired of long rendering times.
4) You have AMD GPU. No available for public GPU render tools for Cinema 4D. Sad panda. Indigo renderer totally crap. Seriously.
5) You want to render simple animations as fast as possible.

Quick start guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xEKgodS6FA

If you like this software please buy it. Seriously it costs only 1 USD! It’s pay what you want price! I think this guy needs our support. Honestly, this is the best tool I’ve ever used.

Official website: http://frostsoft.blogspot.ru/p/fssoftware.html


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