Olga Zakharova | Art generation (2024) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Olga Zakharova | Art generation (2024) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Author: Olga Zakharova
Genre: Video course

If you want to try generating pictures or photos, but don’t understand how to approach the process, this course is for you
It is also for those who want to master the main neural network for image generation Midjourney, gain in-depth knowledge of prompt engineering in an understandable structured format and learn how to create really high-quality and completely soulless works for which you will have full copyright

What neural networks will we study:
The main part of the course is devoted to working in the Midjourney neural network – currently this is the main network for generating visual images, which gives the best results in terms of quality and at the same time clearly states that copyright belongs to those who generate the art.
Also in the full version of the course we will dive into another neural network of a different type (text) – GPT chat. I’ll show you how to effectively use it to write prompts, generate ideas, translate texts and more.

Duration: 15:19:23
Video quality: WEB-DL
Voice language: Russian
Advertising: There are third-party inserts and overlays

Access to modules:
Midjourney Basics
Basic prompt formula
Options in Midjourney
Illustrative prompts
Prompt research
Full control
Process optimization
Symbiosis with GPT chat
Neuro workshop
Making money with neuro art
Art base: ready-made prompts
Bonus videos


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