Oleg OreX | Online course on creating images using artificial intelligence Automatic 1111 (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Oleg OreX | Online course on creating images using artificial intelligence Automatic 1111 (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Author: Oleg OreX
Genre: Video course

Automatic 1111 is a powerful and free tool. Opens the door to the world of AI image generation for those who want to learn how to transform ideas into visual masterpieces using artificial intelligence.
And also get a new, highly paid, in-demand profession.
From the best Automatic 1111 specialist – Oleg OreX
What you will learn on the course:
✅Proficiency in powerful AI technology. Learn how to use Automatic1111 to turn your creative ideas into visual realities.
✅Effective visualization of ideas. Gain the ability to quickly turn your ideas into amazing images
✅Adaptation to different styles. Learn how to create and mix images in a variety of styles, from realistic to abstract.
✅Creation of commercially valuable works. Discover how to monetize AI-generated images in various fields
✅Creating a portfolio with AI art. Build an attractive portfolio with AI-generated work that will show your uniqueness and creativity to potential buyers
✅Using AI for personal branding. Learn to use AI-generated images to strengthen your personal brand and attract attention to your services or products
✅Communication and presentation of works. Gain the skills to effectively present your AI work to potential clients or on social media

Duration: 12:13:38
Video quality: WEB-DL
Voice language: Russian
Advertising: There are third-party inserts and overlays

1 Lesson. Getting to know the Automatic 1111
Lesson 2 Hardware requirements and online services
Lesson 3 Local installation of Automatic 1111
Lesson 4 Getting to know the Automatic 1111 interface
Lesson 5. TXT2IMG – hint in the image
Lesson 6 Working with styles
Lesson 7. Improve and enlarge the image with HI RES FIX
Lesson 8 IMG2IMG – Image to Image
Lesson 9 INPAINT – changing areas of images
Lesson 10.. SKETCH – generating an image from a drawing
Lesson 11 EXTRAS
Lesson 12. How the image generation circuit works
Lesson 13. Techniques for writing a prompt
Lesson 15 EXTENSIONS – Additions
Lesson 17 UPSCALE Tiled – Image enlargement
Lesson 18 OUTPAINTING – Increase the size of the image
Lesson 19 AFTER DETAILER – Automatic detailing of faces
Lesson 20. BACKUP and file organization Automatic 1111
Lesson 21 CONTROLNET IP-ADAPTER – Copying the style from the reference
Lesson 22. REACTOR – Replacing faces
Lesson 23 DALL-E and Midjourney
Lesson 24 Olata foreign services from Russia
Lesson 25 Styles, artists, genres
Lesson 26.. Monetization, or how to earn a decent living as a neurodesigner
Lesson 27 Thesis and obtaining a certificate of completion of the course


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