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Release year: 2022
Official site: Kickstarter Nocturna models
Author: Nocturna models Description:

Nocturna models is a Spanish brand that creates scale model kits for collectors and gamers.
It was created in 2009 by Jesus Martin and since day one we have been trying to develop the best fantasy products we can.
Now we are looking for bigger projects and we are determined to make them a reality with the support of kickstarter.
We present you a large package of Doom, Chaos miniatures for printing on a 3D printer.
This is a large army of chaos with high detail for your creativity.

STL | 90 Miniatures | Photopolymer | Height 10mm up to 100mm | Ø up to ~25mm

Additional Information:

The distribution includes Miniatures:

pic Acolyte of Secrets
pic Bloody Hunter
pic Daughters of Lilith
pic Death golem
pic Death reapers
pic Doom bearer
pic Doom riders
pic Doom scenery
pic Doom Warriors
pic Enchantress
pic FireWalker
pic Flesh Predators
pic Guardians of Knowledge
pic Hellhounds
pic Infected
picingvald good
picKatharka Lord
pic Lilith
pic Lilith riders
pic Lord of the Flies
pic Marauders
pic Necromancer
pic Night terrors
pic Servants of Pain
pic Silent reapers
pic Skull lord
pic Skulls Riders
pic Souls Reaper
pic Sword of Death
picThe Bastards
pic The Crowling
pic The Cult of Dragon
pic The Glutton
pic The Lord of Tempest
pic Uncle John
pic Wisdom Keeper