NextLimit RealFlow C4D R17-R19 Win

– Array Tool: Parameters can’t be animated for meshes.
– Initial State files created in RealFlow | Cinema 4D 1.0 are not compatible with 2.0 version due to the switch from RPC to Alembic.

– When using a multi-segment spline with the spline emitter node the “Prev” and “Next” buttons only iterate through the control points on the current segment.

– Mesh fluid/emitter weight vertex map computation is limited to a maximum amount of 10.

-358 – File paths can’t have unicode characters on Mac OS X.
-519 – Simulation steps configuration from RealFlow | Cinema 4D 1.0 scenes is reset to Auto mode when opened in 2.0 version.

– Simulation look on render may differ between multiple simulation/renders unless caching is enabled.
– Objects deformed with Rigid, Elastic and Particle Skinner only support motion blur when using the Point Cache tag.
– Particle render instances are not rendered/recognized by NVIDIA’s Iray.
– Motion blur with meshes doesn’t work with NVIDIA’s Iray.
– Motion blur with meshes doesn’t work with Maxwell Render.
– Particle render instances original objects remain visible during render.

Fixed bugs – Caching
– Cinema 4D crashes on caching if the cache folder field is empty.
– Animated cache offsets do not work in render time.

– Setting the same fluid as source and target in a Filter daemon freezes Cinema 4D.
– Attractor daemon “Internal Radius”, “External Radius” and “Planet Radius” parameters should have units.
– Attractor viewport representation does not match its behavior when Attenuated is enabled.

– Mesher vertex maps don’t work with Octane render. (Version 3.08 of Octane plugin fixes the issue).
– There is a one frame offset when rendering meshes with motion blur enabled.

Save and Load
– Particle UVs are not loaded in cache mode.

– It is possible to type negative values for scene simulation steps and iterations.

Known bugs

– Emitter ID value is not preserved on scene reopening.

– If a segment is removed the configuration of the circles of the other segments is reset.
– Undo/Redo is not working when a control point is added.

– Having two or more k Isolated daemons linked to the same fluid makes the isolation value grow as many times as the number of k Isolated linked daemons.

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