[New Masters Academy] Beginner’s Guide to Drawing

Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : New Masters Academy
Manufacturer website : www.nma.art/courses/drawing-guide-for-beginners
Author : Chris Legaspi
Duration : 17:44:20
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : The Beginner’s Guide to Drawing is a 12-week course designed to empower new students with a structured approach for learning how to draw. Join instructors Steve Huston, Chris Legaspi, Heather Lenefski, Bill Perkins, and Mark Westermoe as you learn the fundamentals of perspective, rendering, and composition. After completing this course, you will develop a solid foundation in drawing.

Week 1 : Introduction and Basic Tools and Materials With Chris Legaspi, Heather Lenefsky, Steve Huston
In week one, Steve Huston will provide you an introduction to starting your journey as an artist. You will join Chris Legaspi and Heather Lenefski in exploring various tools and materials that artists use to draw.
Week 2 : Drawing Exercises With Chris Legaspi, Heather Lenefsky
In week two, Heather Lenefsky and Chris Legaspi will walk you through how to use and sharpen your pencil. You will begin to experiment with different mark-making techniques through multiple drawing exercises.
Week 3 : Introduction to Drawing Forms in Perspective With Chris Legaspi
In week three, Chris Legaspi will introduce you to drawing forms in 3-dimensional space. You will learn how to plot basic shapes in perspective, construct forms from imagination, and break down a household object into simple forms.
Week 4 : Basic Principles of Light & Shadow With Chris Legaspi, Heather Lenefsky
In week four, Chris Legaspi and Heather Lenefski will show you how to apply light to simple forms and use halftones to enhance the sense of 3-dimensional space.
Week 5 : Rendering Techniques With Mark Westermoe
In week five, you will learn from Mark Westermoe the techniques for creating texture in a drawing. You will also study how master draughtspeople such as Charles Danna Gibson and Fortunino Matania utilize different rendering techniques in their work.
Week 6 : Understanding and Using Value With Bill Perkins
In week six, Bill Perkins will show you how to use value to strengthen the compositional designs and readability of your landscape drawings. You will learn how to use value matrix, a powerful tool that allows you to quickly simplify the values within any image.
Week 7 : Setting Up A Still Life With Bill Perkins, Heather Lenefsky
In week seven, you will learn how to set up a still life with Bill Perkins. Then, Heather Lenefsky will demonstrate how to develop thumbnails of different compositions for your still life drawings.
Week 8 : Completing Your Still Life Drawing With Heather Lenefsky
In week eight, you will continue to learn from Heather Lenefski how to create 3-value compositional thumbnails for your still life drawing. You will use everything you have learned about light, shadow, and form to develop and refine your artwork.
Week 9 : Introduction to Gesture and Figure Drawing With Bill Perkins
In week nine, you will learn how to use rhythm and gesture to create a sense of movement and character within your figure drawings. Bill Perkins will show you how to apply chiaroscuro in designing your artwork.
Week 10 : Drawing Plaster Casts With Mark Westermoe
In week ten, Mark Westermoe will show you how to start a plaster cast drawing. You will learn to use the lay-in drawing to describe the forms of the face. Mark will introduce you to several sculptures to study and take inspiration from.
Week 11 : Refining Your Plaster Cast Drawing With Mark Westermoe
In week 11, Mark Westermoe will show you how to take your plaster cast drawing to completion. You will begin by laying down a flat mid-tone to establish the shadow shapes. Then, you will use your knowledge of value and form to add the final touches to your drawing.
Week 12 : Introduction to Landscape Drawing With Bill Perkins
In week 12, Bill Perkins will teach you how to establish a value Matrix within a landscape drawing. You will learn to create two and three value matrices
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