MIX Training – Shading with redshift Houdini

MIX training Shading with Redshift tutorial series.

In a very short time GPU rendering has taken the industry and is now is been used for a lot of amazing projects and there is no denying that Redshift has been the leading renderer, everyone is talking about it and is been used by a lot of artist because of it’s speed and scalability, that been said more and more people need to learn the in and out of Shading with Redshift and in this course you will learn all the tools, tricks and techniques you need to render amazing looking images using Redshift, we’ll be using Redshift version 2.6 which bring a lot of new features and the new Optix denoiser.
So if you need to learn Redshift Shading, this is the course for you.

Topics you will learn
By the end of this training you will have a clear understanding of the following topics

Creating and assigning Redshift shaders in the different way available in Houdini
Understanding of the RS Material Shader parameters
How to group and organize geometry for shading
Creating different kinds of shaders like, glass, metal, ceramic
How to assign textures in different channels, diffuse, normal, roughness.
Importing geometry color to use on the shader
Creating SSS shaders
Lighting your scene with HDR images and area lights
Creating a custom Python utility tool that makes shading simpler
Blending several shaders to get more complex shading
Using and combining different Noise shaders to create complexity
Understand how samples affect your final render and how to tweak them
Render settings overview
Using the New Optix Denoiser

A basic knowledge of Houdini in general

Houdini Indie at least
Redshift 2.6

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