MESHmachine 0.6.10 for Blender 2.8


turn chamfers into fillets/bevels and back

change the width of a chamfer or bevel

create variable fillets and washouts

unbevel and unchamfer to go back to a hard edge

practically edit existing existing bevels

resolve tricky geometry overlaps in cases where two bevels meet

flatten polygons based on another polygon or flatten a polygon based on 3 vertices

flatten along a normal or flatten along edges

redirect chamfer flow by turning the corners

convert triangular bevel corners into quad corners

plug details into your mesh

build your own plugs and create/buy/sell plug libraries

cleanup booleans and create clean perimeter loops around their intersections

stash backups and objects referenced by other tools, without cluttering the scene

create and manipulate custom normals

mirror and symmetrize custom normals

best documentation in the business

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