McAfee Endpoint Security Win / Mac Enough security software

McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Security

Security software that protects your Windows from external threats, such as malware and access to unauthorized devices. This is done in the context of data protection, monitoring device output, and emails and web pages. Due to the comprehensive control over the system output, it is not possible to steal important information stored on the computer by USB drive, Bluetooth and other portable memory. In addition, the Advanced Email Protection section prevents scammers and dangerous viruses from entering Windows by scanning incoming and outgoing emails. McAfee Endpoint Security This simple security suite integrates all the essential items to protect a Windows system and provides them to the user in a controllable environment. This environment is ideal for protecting not-so-modern Windows and other systems from Internet threats.

Windows version
Download with a size of 304 MB (without the need for activation)
Mac version
Download version 10.6.8 with a size of 49 MB
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Decryption tools for files locked by ransomware

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