MasterClass Garry Kasparov teaches chess

MasterClass Garry Kasparov teaches chess

By MasterClass.com
Country : USA
Topic : sports, chess
Handout Type : Video Tutorial
Duration : 07:20:21
Year of issue : 2017
Language : English
Translation : None
Link to the video course on the manufacturer’s website : https://www.masterclass.com/classes/garry-kasparov-teaches-chess
Description : Garry Kasparov will teach you advanced strategy, tactics and theory in 20+ exclusive video tutorials.
At the age of 22, Garry Kasparov became the youngest world chess champion. Having knocked out Bobby Fischer’s peak rating, he outnumbered his fiercest competitors for over 20 years. Now Harry is ready to share what made him the six-time world chess champion. Through detailed lessons, including his favorite discoveries and advanced tactics, you will develop your instincts and philosophy to become a stronger player.

Course content
1. Introduction
Harry’s training reflects his playing style: direct, dynamic and ambitious. He shares what he covers in this tutorial, including accurate instructions for different levels of players.
2.The basics of Harry’s chess game
Find out how the World Chess Champion thinks as Harry shares the principles of his chess philosophy.
3 Double Strike – Part 1
The double whammy is a simple concept that can very often be decisive. Harry offers elegant examples of how to show your strength and how to protect yourself from this technique.
4 Double Strike – Part 2
Harry offers an in-depth study of double hitting to help you expand your practice.
5. Linear strike
Harry believes in the power of geometry. Using these positions, he shows how you can get the most out of your pieces – even weak ones.
6 open attack
The lack of an open attack can have serious consequences. Harry’s examples show how even the best players can overlook this amazing move.
Not all ligaments are the same. Understanding their effectiveness means understanding the ability to paralyze your opponent’s pieces, especially in the endgame.
8 distraction / attraction
Defending requires harmony, and knowing how to discourage an adversary is critical. Harry shows you how to identify the enemy’s target and then find a tactical way to destroy his defensive actions.
The moment the enemy pieces lose their ability to withstand threats, you can start attacking.
The most destructive form of overload is when a piece has to watch out for threats from different directions. Harry’s examples include one move that will make his opponent literally jump out of his chair.
11. Winning exchange
Exchanging pieces does not simply mean eliminating pieces of equal value. In the endgame, this can create a decisive advantage – or keep a game looking hopeless.
12.Endgame – Part 1
In Harry’s experience, an endgame never means the end of a commotion. He shows the purity and creativity of the endgame, including drama, shoulder push and zugzwang.
13 Endgame – Part 2
Harry continues his endgame lessons with pawn endgames, rook endgames, queen versus pawn and, of course, the role of king. While they may seem like slow and weak moves in the middlegame, an active king is vital in the endgame.
14.Anspiel – Part 3
Harry believes miracles happen when you know how to create them. While most players take the time to open, you can perform game-changing wonders by exploring the rich endgame possibilities.
15. Debut – Part 1
Garry played e4 like a child prodigy and was stuck with this move as the USSR U18 Chess Champion and the U20 World Champion. Find out when and how he gathered his arsenal of funds.
16.Debut – Part 2
What happens when your opponent plays on your opening? How do you see a satisfactory opening both psychologically and strategically? Is there a one-size-fits-all debut tip?
17.Debut – Part 3
He has resurrected forgotten openings and built a database of nearly 20,000 different analyzes, but Harry believes there are still ideas on the surface.
18. Simultaneous game session
With a 30 minute time control, watch Harry play three players at once with ratings of 1266, 1515, and 2103.
19 Jason’s game
“What else can you do?” Harry reveals Jason’s moves and answers questions about what his opponent could have done differently.
20 Molly’s games
“It seems like a whole army is approaching me.” After Molly starts the game with the Siciallian defense, Harry counters with calm moves. Harry later reveals how he changed his figures and explains how Molly could have caused him more discomfort.
21. Dennis’ game
“No, I haven’t seen this line.” Harry points to the line Dennis missed and shows how he created the illusion of attacking without any real threat.
22. Example: Debut
Harry is considering his debut against Vishy Anand in 1995. Discussion includes an analysis of the crucial error, hard shots, tactical motives, and a powerful but calm move that occurred in a rare early stage of the game.
23 Example: Endgame
Harry focuses on pawn endgames and the drama they can create. An appetite for endgame beauty is one of the best ways to improve your chess skills.
24 Harry’s Journey
Even when Harry was a child, number 13 had a special meaning to him. He is aware of the fate and power of this number, and how it has shaped his particular style of play.
25 How to Analyze
World champions rise to the top through brutal and unrepentant analysis. Find out what Harry considers the biggest threat to players.
26. Computers and Chess
The pain of losing Harry at DeepBlue diminished over the years. He looks back at this defeat and moves on to the advantages of computers in chess training.
27 Psychological Resilience
The poster, which hung over Harry’s bed as a child, contained a line borrowed from Soviet dissidents: “Who else but you?” Harry talks about winning the most grueling games of his career, as well as how he recovered from his mistakes, which felt like physical pain.
28 Conclusion
Whether you are playing at home, in a club or in a tournament, the variations in chess are endless, and the possibilities for improving your game are also endless.
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