Mass Shooting In Mosque New Zealand 49 Killed

Today mass shooting in New Zealand Mosque 49 people killed.


This is the man who starts shooting and he is also live streaming all this event on social media


He pauses and says: “Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie.”

(PewDiePie is one of the most-watched celebrities on YouTube, although the site has cut ties with him over racially-charged language. His videos have attracted more than 20 billion views.)

Wearing camouflage pants with knee pads and brown fingerless gloves, the gunman drives through streets with an arsenal of firearms beside him.

With Serbian music playing in the background, he takes directions from a sat nav that tells him to “turn left in 200 metres”.

One pump action shotgun and two other unidentified long-arms, all covered in white writing with the names of prominent figures who fought or attacked Muslims dating back to the crusades, sit beside him on the front passenger seat.

As he pulls up outside the mosque, the music changes to the traditional marching song of the British military, the British Grenadiers.

He parks his car and removes an assault rifle with a tactical strobe light on the barrel. He then collects a semi-automatic shotgun from the boot and walks towards the mosque.


He opens fire with a semi-auto shotgun as soon as he reaches the door, emptying the chamber and throwing the gun on the floor as he steps inside.

Inside, he walks from room to room, firing the fully automatic assault rifle at worshippers scrambling for safety. He shoots dozens of people, pausing only to reload the magazine, which he does several times.

He steps over bodies as he roams from room to room in the mosque. When no one is left standing he turns his weapon on the wounded.


Why i am posting this here because I want to share my feelings with you Alhamdulillah I am Muslim and there are many people who spread fake things about Muslim like Muslims are terrorist I just want let you know terrorist have now religion as you see what happened today Thanks.