Male Character Creation in Zbrush

Release year : 2019
Manufacturer : Udemy
Manufacturer’s website :
Author : Nexttut, Nikolay Naydenov
Duration : 29:51:10
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : English
Описание : Model male warrior character with proper anatomy, hair, clothing, accessories and weapons in Zbrush.
We will start by spending 30 minutes to customize our workflow in Zbrush so we could work much faster and efficient. Then we will make the head of our warrior where i will explain what you should watch for in a head modelling.
Then we will make a placeholder hair, beard and eyes from scratch. After that we will make the body, again from sphere, following our concept.
After we are done with the body, we will start making 3D sketch of our model, to get the correct placement of all our accessories, clothes and armors. This is a pretty important stage, in the end of which we will have very good idea how our model will look when it’s finished.
Then it will be time to start extracting clothes, belts and other pieces of clothing.
We will also make a brush which will make the placement of all those small metal parts like belt buckles and caps, very easy and fast.
After that we will start refining all those things that we have made, and the model will start to look pretty good. Then it will be time to do the all the weapons of our character, which include the saber, Axe, mace, dagger and a spear, separately, and add them to the scene. Once we are happy with the overall look of our character i will show you how to make good pose with the transpose master in Zbrush. Then it will be time to take care for the beard and hair, all done in Zbrush’s Fibermesh. Finally we will make the render passes in Zbrush and combine them in Photoshop, to achieve the best possible look for our model.

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