Lumion 10 pro

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Top new features in Lumion 10

High-quality preview
Fine-detail Nature (Pro only)
Displacement mapping
Real Skies at night (Pro only)
Aurora Borealis (Pro only)
Photo Matching (Pro only)
Heightmaps for OSM (Pro only)
AI Artist Styles
New objects
New materials
Paint placement
Custom materials library
Landscape cutter
Ease in/out control for movie clips
Improved object library
Improved DWG import


1. Install Lumion 10.0 Pro

2. Copy the Lumion10 file and folder.exe and Architect Edition in the installed Lumion 10 folder.

3. For convenience, create a desktop shortcut from the Lumion10 file.exe which just copied to run Lumion always use this Lumion10 shortcut.EXE from admin names. (always use it to get started)

4. After this launch file you have will have a small window with inscriptions Chinese language, need to start pressing hard the first button and launched Lumion. You have 7 days trial version, need to choose the trial version, do not worry it is crack, so works, these days do not count, it is frozen.

5. That is all.

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