Layer Repeater Plugin For After Effect v2.5 Win/Mac

  • 8 months ago


There is now a version 2.5 of Layer Repeater.

This version no longer needs administrator access when installing!

After unzipping the file, you will have:

  • Layer Repeater v2-5.jsxbin
  • A folder called layer_repeater_effects
Simply copy both to your ScriptUI Panels directory (application or user) and restart After Effects
This version also includes an ability to reverse the stacking order of the layers
Installation Note:
I am not forseeing any problems with the new way of installing the tool, but if you come across anything not working, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket.


  1. Run the script from the Windows menu
  2. Select the layer you want to duplicate
  3. Choose how many layers you want to make a copy of
  4. Choose if you want the layers to have 3d properties or not
  5. Click Layer Repeater GO!!!
    • There will now be a composition in place of the layer you wanted duplicated
    • There will also be a null added to your composition with controls to affect the duplicated layers




After running the script, you will be able to animate offset and random parameters of many layer properties. These include:

Anchor Point





Animation through time with a frame offset

Included in the download are full descriptions of all the properties that Layer Repeater can control.

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