• July 30, 2021

Kurulumun is Python driven Cinema 4D plugin that generates curly splines. Heavily inspired by Structure Synthโ€™s Nouveau variations it brings ability to Cinema 4D to generate curly parametric splines, that twist 90 degrees around a random axis.

Kurulumun is using MoSpline object with L-System mode, so MoGraph module is required for plugin to work.

Workflow is straight forward โ€“ define random seed, set number of branches and drop a Profile spline โ€“ and you get a Kurulumun spline. There are some more settings present, that define number of segments (that is responsible for number of half-arcs), scale, tension, mesh subdivisions and such. Really easy to use.

Profile spline can be any kind of spline that you can image, however it must be a closed spline.

This is a personal exploration project that took too much time to develop. However, I am no programmer, so if you encounter any problems/errors/glitches or any other kind of misbehavior, please be so kind to report back to me. Iโ€™ll take a chance to fix it. Also if you come up with some awesome looking peace, please donโ€™t be shy and drop me a preview โ€“ just to keep my juices flowing that makes me happy and alive:) Any how, this plugin is FREE.


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