Introduction to Zbrush 2022

Year of manufacture : 2023
Manufacturer : The Gnomon workshop
Manufacturer’s website :
Author : Madeleine Scott-Spencer
Duration : 21:22:48
Type of material distributed : Video lesson
Translator: Pushkin
Language : English, Russian
Description : In this course you will learn how to fully work in ZBrush 2022. Madeleine Scott-Spencer will show you all the capabilities of this program – from simple basics to the complete process of creating a model. Starting with an introductory chapter that shows you how to create a detailed bust of a creature, we’ll dive deeper into the key features of ZBrush. Let’s demystify the ZBrush interface, understand the menus and windows, everything is very simple and intuitive. You will understand the program’s user interface logic as well as what the tools do. Particular attention will be paid to fast and efficient work in the ZBrush environment – we will deal with interface customization and hotkeys.
This course will give you a complete understanding of the ZBrush brush system, learn how 3D alphas, VDM brushes, IMM brushes, and custom user brushes work. A complete overview of the DynaMesh functionality will be given, and we will understand the levels of separation to create accurate anatomical shapes.
The author will talk about how to take your work beyond the program, you will learn ZBrush tools for retopology and UV mapping, learn how to export color, normal and displacement maps for rendering in Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal Engine and any other rendering tool you prefer. For those interested in 3D printing, this course includes an introduction to Decimation Master and 3D Print Exporter.
The goal of this comprehensive course is to help you become a confident intermediate ZBrush artist who can create 3D creatures, characters, props, and more. Topics covered include creating complex models using the tools learned, managing polygroups for precise modeling, painting in layers, modeling with ZSpheres, posing, and more.


00. Preview
01. Quick Guide to ZBrush 2022
02. ZBrush 2022 interface: Demystifying the interface
03. Transpose Line и Transpose Gizmo
04. Introducing ZBrush Brushes
05. Masking in ZBrush
06. Knife, Slice and Trim brushes in ZBrush
07. Subtool menu in ZBrush
08. Symmetry tools in ZBrush
09. Restoring lost symmetry in ZBrush
10. Using Stager for Symmetry in ZBrush
11. Polygroups in ZBrush
12. Working with layers in ZBrush
13. Using Undo History in ZBrush
14. Photo reference in ZBrush
15. Text and SVG in ZBrush
16. Array mesh
17. ZSpheres
18. Membranes: Fins
19. Membranes: Wings
20. Blocking a Shape with DynaMesh
21. Subdivisions compared to DynaMesh
22. IMM Brushes
23. VDM Brushes
24. Sculptris Pro
25. Posing meshes
26. Skin detailing, fine wrinkles and pores in ZBrush
27. Introducing ZBrush PolyPaint
28. PolyPaint drawing creature skin
29. Creating UVs in ZBrush
30. ZRemesher and Remesh tools
31. Rotation Animation and Layer Animation Using the Timeline in ZBrush
32. Materials and Rendering in ZBrush: Basic Level
33. Materials and Rendering in ZBrush: Advanced (Lightcaps)
34. Extracting your objects from ZBrush
35. Working with a Decimation Master
36. Course Cover Model: Wing Membrane Sculpting
37. Model on the cover of the course: Small details, eyes and polypaint block-in
38. Model on the cover of the course: Posing in transport
39. Course cover model: Fibermesh Hair
40. Model on the cover of the course: Bridge from ZBrush to KeyShot
41. Model on the cover of the course: Compositing in Photoshop