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The Training you’ve been looking for!

Particle FX – Premium Training by INSYDIUM

Over 26 hours of Premium Training created by INSYDIUM’s particle genius and particle FX Trainer, Jon Bosley. Particle FX is broken down into over 16 hours of pure X-Particles training.
Plus, 10 hours of additional free training covering rendering and compositing. This streaming only training is a must-have learning tool.

This scene-based series is suitable for customers with basic particle knowledge; the chapters flow with logical progression. Intermediate level and advanced X-Particles users will benefit from the in-depth level of detail throughout the series.

We replicate everyday production workflows by combining the power of the X-Particles system with native Cinema 4D tools like Deformers, Effectors and XPresso. The techniques you’ll learn in the scenes are transferable; you’ll be able to take what you’ve learnt and utilise them in your personal projects.

Particle FX includes six great industry relevant scenes and techniques for motion graphics, VFX and product visualisation. Each chapter comes with downloadable scene files so that you can dive straight in.

Six Great Chapters:
01 Logo Form
02 Drawing with Particles
03 Fireworks
04 Infectio
05 Ivy Growth
06 Sci-Fi FUI

The recommended software requirements for the Premium Training videos are Cinema 4D R20 and X-Particles build 724 or above. If you use Cycles 4D, we recommend build 321 or above.


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