How to Retopologize a Full Character

Release year : 2018
Manufacturer : FlippedNormals
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Duration : 04:50:00
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : English, Russian
Description : From start to finish
In almost 5 hours of high-quality training, you will learn how to do a complete (from beginning to end) retopology of the entire character. The preparation of the model in ZBrush will be considered, how to designate the most important structural lines there and correctly connect everything. It should be noted that the retopology method under consideration, practically unchanged, was used in Alien Covenant (to work with xenomorph models) and in many other well-known projects.
Applicable in any 3D applications
Learn using the techniques shown in any 3D application of your choice – be it Blender, 3ds Max or Modo! Although we are using a specific program – Maya 2018, the principles are general in nature and will work in any other applications. That is, you can easily repeat the shown methods in any program, the only thing is that you need to understand how the retopology tools are called and work there.
Learn how to retopologize for Movies
The presented retopology technique was designed as part of the projects and developments of the film industry, where the requirements for topology quality are very serious. Once you’ve mastered this advanced method, you’ll be able to do any character retopology after that. The formula applies to any character, regardless of style or complexity.
Professional UV Unwrapping
Learn how to quickly and efficiently create character UVs that are not only distortion-free but also well-suited for texturing in Mari. When we’re done, the character model will have a very practical UDIM layout, perfect for Mari. You’ll also learn how to copy UVs from one object to another, which comes in handy when working with sets of elements that are similar in shape, such as claws and teeth.
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