• July 30, 2021


Hitman Pro

Research has shown that many computers, despite having an updated security system, are infected with viruses and malware, and sometimes they will not be a problem to use. However, there are many dangers to using an infected computer. To know the status of your computer, you can use small and useful software such as Hitman Pro. Hitman software can run from a flash drive, external hard drive and network. In the shortest possible time, you can be sure that your system is infected or not, and in case of any problem, take action to solve it. One of the interesting features of this software is the ability to scan and clean the system through the cloud computing system.

  • Software to scan to Internet needs.

32-bit version
Download with a size of 6 MB (cracked)
Multi Mirror Link
64-bit version
Download with a size of 6 MB (cracked)
Multi Mirror Link
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Screenshots of the software environment

An image of the cracked software environment

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