HitFilm Pro version 11.0.8319.47197 Win

One software for every step: Create breakout content and stunning VFX with one souped-up software: HitFilm Pro. Our latest release comes jam-packed with a professional editor, compositor, 800+ VFX and presets, and new built-in animation tools!

High-performance editing Boot up, import and edit with no soul-crushing lag time. HitFilm Pro’s high performance system processes your footage in the background, so you can keep editing without interruptions. Aiming for artistic perfection? Customize your video quality to get real-time playback and polished, frame-by-frame visual effects.

Support for all media: Don’t change for us. HitFilm Pro plays nice with all media — so you can quickly import and mix different formats, frame rates, and resolutions all in the same timeline. Add as many clips and audio tracks as you want. We can handle it.

HitFilm Pro is on the cutting edge of technology with support for up to 8K resolution UHD. Want world class color? Harness the power of 32 bit color depth, linear color space compositing, HDR and EXR to increase your dynamic range. Break into next-generation filmmaking with some of the best 360° VFX on the market and a built-in 360° viewer panel

Powerful green screen technology: It ain’t easy fixing green—so we created the most powerful Chroma Key in the industry to give you full control over edge detail, color correction and spill simulation. Effortlessly extract your actors and objects with no lingering green edges.

Trim, ripple, roll and transform your footage with the dedicated animation panel in your editor. Animate and manipulate keyframes right from your timeline, or use our Hollywood-level compositor to tackle complex, 3D model animations. Want ultra-smooth transitions and dynamic lower thirds? We got a graph editor for that.

Arm yourself with our most powerful pack of professional software: HitFilm Studio. Edit and composite with HitFilm Pro— or scale up any editor you want with Ignite Pro VFX and preset plugins. Want to make big moves and complex animations?

Update 11.0 gives you some exciting new features which significantly enhance your cinematic titles and detailed environments in HitFilm Pro.

1. The all-new Exposure Pro effect brings enhanced exposure and color editing to HitFilm Pro, in a powerful but easy to use interface.
2. Dehaze improves clarity and detail in hazy shots, and allows you to add haze for style or atmosphere.
3. Inner glow creates a soft glow effect around the inside edge of your layer, and edit the glow’s size and color.
4. Outer glow creates a soft glow effect around the outside edge of your layer, and edit the glow’s size and color.
5. Distance Field generates a grayscale map where each pixel is colored based on its distance from the edge of the layer.
6. The all-new Surface Studio effect is a powerful tool for generating smooth or roughly textured metallic or vitreous surfaces on text or other layers.

With our new effect – ‘Surface Studio’ – what used to take 2 hours can now be done in minutes! This powerful tool lets you generate smooth or roughly textured metallic and vitreous surfaces on any text or layers. You can drop a clear PNG file into HitFilm, and turn it into a worn road sign or transform your intro titles into an epic, cinematic masterpiece!

As you can see, 11.0 is jam-packed with new additions! Thank you from all of us here at FXhome for continuing to suggest new features and contributing to the development of the software. As always, keep them coming and we hope you enjoy!