By | August 19, 2019

Hi, I've got a question regarding Cinema 4D's Character Object and its ability to set the FK joints to the IK position and vice versa.

I've discovered that there is an "IK-to-FK" and "FK-to-IK" tick box above the "IK <-> FK" slider. However, if for example I do an IK animation for the left arm, clicking either of these buttons doesn't set the FK joints to the IK position. It doesn't work the other way around either.

I'm obviously doing something wrong, but trawling through the help files, forums and video tutorials, I couldn't find a solution.

Does anyone here know what to do? That'd be much appreciated 🙂


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  1. Philipp Zakrzewski

    Guys, I think I figured it out!

    If you choose the Character Object’s Advanced Biped rig, you have to select the “Arm (IK/FK Bendy)” when creating the arms. Then the IK-to-FK and FK-to-IK buttons work as expected.

    Just tried some simple animations and it seems fine!