HeavyM 2.0.9 beta win x64


Install HeavyM 2.0.9 beta win x64, and Activation as Administrator ! To avoid problems always start as Administrator !
Activation Setup Searches and Patches future release versions with minor code changes.

Release done as to request, don’t have time for thorough testing, and leaving testing to members.
Released as is : Haven’t tested features, they either work, or they don’t.
Leaving it up to members to report as to what features work.

Greetings go out to all the great folks at CGPersia …
This release done as a mental challenge for educational, and testing purposes only …
In order to promote program development … You have agreed … NOT TO SELL THIS RELEASE, and
to Support the Developer & purchase the program : If used for profit, or found useful.
Selling of this Release may result in … NO MORE RELEASES !

Projection mapping has never been easier

– Our HeavyM projection mapping software tools are highly comprehensive and easy to use

– Your mapping can be projected in any environment (on a building, for a stage design, in your living room, on an object etc…)

– Get exceptional rendering in less than 30 minutes

Create stunning animations with projection mapping!

With the projection mapping software HeavyM:

– Add your own media (videos, photos, shaders, feeds)

– Or tap into the world’s largest built-in projection mapping effects library

– Finally, use our transitions to organize and enhance your show

Automatically synchronize video and audio

Nothing will impress your audience more than a show that seamlessly merges sound and image. The advanced sound analysis used by HeavyM automatically synchronizes your creations with live music.  

Go even further by plugging in your MIDI instruments and deliver a powerful live experience.

HeavyM, easy and powerful projection mapping software

A plug & play solution: plug in your projector, create and enjoy!
No technical settings required.

Icon ergonomic

An easy and ergonomic interface

HeavyM was designed by expert designers and has worldwide acclaim for its simplicity. Trying it means liking it instantly!

Icon Create

Create in a few seconds

With the built-in effects library, it takes a few clicks to complete your first projection mapping. No technique, just creation!

Icon instant rendering

No loading time anymore

Visual rendering is visible in real-time. Choose the best for your project on the fly. No more endless progress bars!

Icon download demo

A complete and free trial version

Start by trying the free version of HeavyM for your first projection mappings. The performance is identical to the paid version.

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