Hdri Maker 2.0 Addon For Blender

HDRi Maker is a powerful add-on created to be simple and fast

Keyword = Speed!   

Almost 400 included ready to use

2.9  Ready! 

See what you can do:

All the backgrounds you see are included in the addon!

Finally full immersion in an HDRi environment:

With 1 click, you can create animated fog:

You can add the backgound material to any object: 

in this example I use an object created with “A.N.T.Landscape” already present in the addons of your Blender

Now it’s easy to create videos inside your dome

This example was rendered in Eevee, about 1 second per frame with an 8k background on a GTX1080TI.

More freedom of video with the camera:

Note: Not all backgrounds will be perfect for this type of animation (Although all image based backgrounds can be used for this purpose)

All backgrounds with open panoramas are very good for this purpose

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