Gumroad – Nikolai Lockertsen BrushSets for Procreate [Bleed Eggs Greens]

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This Procreate BrushPack includes 19 Great Brushes that gives you a very Painterly, almost Oily contrast.
The awesome BLEED function also uses the Pressure Sensitivity, just like Opacity and Size of the brush.
But it has its own special power!

This awesome BrushPack is one of my Favourites!

It is a very complete BrushSet you can use for anything.
The Brushes in this Pack is based on variety of photos of Eggshells on black background.
This gives great contrasty images that serves as Grain and Shapes sources for these Brushes.

This Procreate BrushPack includes 41 Great Brushes for Vegetation of all sorts.
Paint a forest, jungle, trees and such in a few brush-strokes.
Some of these Brushes also uses ColorDynamics. This gives even more variation and realism.

(I also included a free brushset just for convenience.)




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