Gumroad – Lookdev and Light your Zbrush Sculpts by Tom Newbury

  • 7 months ago

In this tutorial, you will gain the knowledge to take an unfinished sculpture, or speed sculpt from Zbrush and render it out as a realistic traditional sculpture.

– I show you how to prepare the sculpt in Zbrush.
– We then build out the Light Rig from scratch.
– I go over the latest Industry Standard in ACEScg Colour Management and how to implement it in Maya.
– We then build out all of the shaders from scratch.
– In the last chapter, we take the renders into Photoshop for some quick Post Effects to add the final touches.

This tutorial series is recorded in Real-Time, and I go over every step of my process in detail to make sure you get the most out of this learning experience.

The tutorial is made up of 9 chapters, and contains a little over 2 hours of content.

I will also be providing the light rig scene file with all of the geometry and shading networks.

I will be unable to provide the textures used in this tutorial due to them being owned by a third party. But I do show you the websites which provide them so you can download them yourself and just plug them into my already existing network.

The software used in this tutorial are:

– Maya 2019
– Arnold
– Zbrush
– Photoshop

Even though I have used these specific pieces of software, the techniques should translate to any package.

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