• August 2, 2021

This pack contain every texture files used for the shaders (so you can use them in every render software), a .c4d files with each textures for Octane Render, and .orbx files to use them in other soft with Octane.

Each textures are in 4K resolution. ( Automotive Realistics Shaders | Octane Render / ORBX&C4D )
What you get in this product:

62 Octane Shaders composed by:

โ€“ 45 Front leaves shaders

โ€“ 17 Back leaves shaders

248 texture files in 4K ( Diffuse map, Normal Map, Roughness and Alpha)

There are no leaf 3D models, only shaders easy to use on a plane for example, to speedup and made your render easier !

Of course, if needed, you can edit colors of these leaves as you want, in some case you should need to invert the roughness map, it depend of the scene !

Hope youโ€™ll have fun with all these shaders !



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