[Gumroad / Jama Jurabaev] Advanced 3D Painting

Year of issue : 2017
Manufacturer : Gumroad
Manufacturer website : https://gumroad.com/l/gwJNV
Author : Jama Jurabaev
Length : 01:22:06
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian, English
Description :
In this course, I’ll show you some advanced 3D painting techniques in Photoshop.
This technique will allow you to spice up your drawings and easily customize your composition.
It will also give you complete control over the design and plot of the drawing.

01. Advanced 3D Painting Introduction.mp4
02. Advanced 3D Painting Instances.mp4
03. Advanced 3D Final Demo.mp4
04. Export and Octane Setup.mp4
05. BONUS Painting Demo.mp4
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