GSG Greyscalegorilla Plus Getting Started with Octane

Greyscalegorilla Plus – Getting Started with Octane

Learn Octane In Five Hours.
In this training, Octane expert David Ariew gives you a super informative and efficiently paced speedrun through his extensive Octane knowledge.

Save Time And Learn Fast
This course was expertly crafted to teach you what you need to know to become an Octane master, in as efficiently quick a package as possible.

Taught By The Best
David Ariew is a renowned Octane master. He handcrafted this course to get you up and running quick, using his favorite techniques.

Solid Foundations
This course is created to give you a solid foundation in Octane that you can build from and be on your way to becoming an Octane master.

– Getting Started With Octane
-What Is Octane
-Great Work Made In Octane
-What Do You Need To Use Octane
-How To Setup Your Octane Layout
-Octane Basics Speedrun
-Create A Space Scene With Displacement And More
-Texturing Deep Dive

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