Greyscalegorilla Plus – Tactile

(Arnold, Octane and Redshift materials for Cinema 4D) [G2lib, Exr]

Greyscalegorilla Tactile is a growing library of the most beautiful and realistic 3D materials available anywhere. Using our new Tactile Capture Process, we’ve gone deeper into the details to offer fidelity rarely seen in the world of 3D design. Tactile materials look so real, you can practically feel them.

Includes the following material categories:
– Patterned Canvas
– Unfinished Wood
– Clay Doh
– Clay Rough
– Clay Fine
– Clay Sculpting

Compatible with the later version of plus hub that support “g2lib” files, older versions will not work.

Unlike my other torrents this one isn’t RAR’ed (which made it take forever to index and hash the torrent lol), so you can download individual materials.

Copy materials and the relevant “g2lib” files into your materials folder as shown in the file “.Example Asset Folder” (you only need the g2lib file(s) for the renderer(s) you use)

These are among the best materials GSG has ever put out.

Message me if you find any corrupt files; there shouldn’t be any, but due to the size of the files its possible that files were corrupted when I uploaded them to my server.

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