Greyscalegorilla Plus – Tactile – materials for Cinema 4D [Arnold, Octane, Redshift]

Greyscalegorilla Plus – Tactile – materials for Cinema 4D [Arnold, Octane, Redshift]

Year/Date Release: 2022
Developer: Greyscale Gorilla
Developer’s website:
Format: g2lib
Requirements: Cinema 4d, GreyscaleGorilla GSG Hub with support for files with the “g2lib” extension.
Compatibility: with Arnold, Octane and Redshift in Cinema 4D.Description: Greyscalegorilla Tactile is a growing library of the most beautiful and realistic 3D materials available anywhere. Using our new haptic capture process, we go into detail to ensure precision rarely seen in the world of 3D design. Tactile materials look so real that you can almost feel them.

Includes the following categories of materials:
– Patterned Canvas
– Unfinished Wood
– Clay Doh
– Clay Rough
– Clay Fine
– Clay Sculpting

Installation: In order to use the library of materials, you must have Cinema 4d installed GreyscaleGorilla GSG Hub latest version supporting “g2lib” files, older versions will not work.
1. Copy the contents of the “Greyscalegorilla Plus – Tactile” folder into your assets folder (…\GSG Assets\Materials) as shown in the “.Example Asset Folder” distribution file.
2. In the Cinema 4d settings (Ctrl+E) find the Greyscalegorilla section and specify the path to the folder with assets (…\GSG Assets). Don’t forget to enable the Show Top Menu checkbox.
4. Restart Cinema 4D.
5. Next, find the library in the Greyscalegorilla/Plus Library menu.


Distribution time: 24/7 (at least until the first 3-5 downloaders appear)

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