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Greyscalegorilla Plus Guide to Cinema 4D R20 R21 R23

The Greyscalegorilla Guide to Cinema 4D brings you up to date with the newest releases of C4D.
Learn about features like Fields, Nodes, Volumes, Field Force, Caps and Bevels, CAD Imports, Modeling, and so much more.
Get started now with over 15 hours of Cinema 4D R20 and R21 training.
Guide To Cinema 4D
16+ hours guiding you through the latest Cinema 4D releases (now including R21) to show you everything you need to know about new features and tools.
Some Topics Covered:

– Fields / Field Forces
– Volumes
– Nodes
– UI and Custom Icons
– Caps and Bevels
C4D R20 Projects
– Fluid Simulation – Playing With Water

1. Water Project; Final Render
2. Water Project; Water Effects
Water Project.sfv

– Multi-Instances and MoGraph

1. Project; Multi-Instance Pencil
2. Project; Multi-Instance Sphere Text
3. Project; Blobby Mograph
4. Project; Blobby Mograph

– Oozing 3D Titles

1. Melting Project; The Ooze Titles
2. Melting Project; Killer Murder Titles
3. Melting Project; Creating the Titles
4. Melting Project; Ooze Materials
5. Melting Project; Ooze Materials BSDFs
6. Melting Project; Ooze Bump

– Pen Project – Learning How to Use Nodes

1. Nodes Project; Basic Black Plastic
2. Nodes Project; Mograph Color Node
3. Nodes Project; Specific Color Clones
4. Nodes Project; Random Logo
5. Nodes Project; Random HueSat
6. Nodes Project; Random Texture Offset
7. Nodes Project; Texture Distort
8. Nodes Project; Pinwheel Mograph Color
9. Nodes Project; Pinwheel Fields Color
10. Nodes Project; Pinwheel Name Color
11. Nodes Project; Pinwheel Background Texture
Pen Project.sfv

C4D R21 Projects
– Force Field Animated Titles

00 – GSG Particles Project Final Render
01 – What You’re Going to Make
02 – Particle Setup
03 – Rendering Hair
04 – Lights and Materials
05 – More Particles and Cameras
06 – Rendering with Takes
07 – Compositing Overview
Force Field.sfv

– GSG Particle Titles

Field Force Project – After Effects
Field Force Project – Cinema 4D

R20 Training
1. Introduction to Fields in C4D

1. Fields; Overview
2. Fields; Introduction
3. Fields; Control
4. Fields; More Options
5. Fields; Splines
6. Fields; Minecraft
7. Fields; Tissue

2. Introduction to Nodes in C4D

1. Nodes; Overview – R20L02E01
2. Nodes; Intro
3. Nodes; Grouping and Assets
4. Nodes; Uber and Friends
5. Nodes; Tips
6. Nodes; Brick Project
6. Nodes.sfv

3. Introduction to Volumes in C4D

1. Volumes; Overview
2. Volumes; Intro
3. Volumes; Filters
4. Volumes; SDF vs Fog B
5. Volumes; Importing
6. Volumes; Tips
7. Volumes; Sink Project
8. Volumes; Splash Project

4. Other New Features in C4D R20

1. Small Bits; Overview
2. Small Bits; The Bad News
3. Small Bits; Modeling
4. Small Bits; Materials
5. Small Bits; CAD
6. Small Bits; STEP CAD Example
7. Small Bits; Rendering
Small Bits.sfv
R21 Training
1. Introduction to C4D R21

1. Introduction to Cinema 4D R21
2. Cinema 4D Subscription Licensing

2. New C4D User Interface, Icons, and Tags

1. New User Interface
2. Default Settings
3. Custom Icons
4. User Data Tag

3. Introduction to Field Force in C4D R21

1. Field Force – Particles
2. Field Force – Thinking Particles
3. Field Force – Dynamics
4. Field Force – Cloth Dynamics
5. Field Force – Hair
Field Force.sfv

4. R21 Fields – Subfields, Masks, Channel Convert

1. Fields – Subfields
2. Fields – Mask
3. Fields – Channel Convert Layer

5. R21 Volumes- Cache, Curvature, Scale Per Segment

Segment\1. Volumes – Cache Layer
Segment\2. Volumes – Curvature Maps
Segment\3. Volumes – Scale Per Segment

6. Caps, Bevels, and Modeling in R21

1. Caps and Bevels
2. Modeling Improvements in R21

7. R21 Materials and Rendering

1. R21 Material Improvements
2. R21 Denoiser
3. Volume Rendering


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