Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: Ultimate Skies 4K

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We are proud to present the new standard for HDRI skies. Ultimate Skies features revolutionary ultra-high-dynamic-range images without any obstructions. This is a must-have collection that will immediately enhance your outdoor renders.

Greyscalegorilla Ultimate Skies

85 HDRI images in Open EXR format
Compatible with most 3D applications, including:
Cinema 4D (requires HDRI Link or HDRI Studio Rig)
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk 3ds Max
Element 3D for After Effects
Other programs that accept EXR
Multiple resolutions included: 12k (12288×6144), 4k (4096×20148), and Preview (1024×512)
Crisp sun shadows
No lens flares or blown out sun
No obstructions (no buildings, light posts, trees, or random elements)
Up to 30 stops of dynamic range
NO HASSLE LICENSE – No waiting for authorization codes. Just download, install, and go.

We built Ultimate Skies from the ground up. Yes, built them. These are 12K images that are designed not only to be incredibly realistic but also absolutely perfect for your renders. No longer will you have to rotate HDRIs to remove unwanted objects like landscapes, buildings, or other obstructions. Ultimate Skies uses perfect seamless floors, or, uh, skies.

These HDRIs are perfect for every type of 3D project, from motion design to arch-viz. Dazzle your clients with these spectacular skies that will compliment auto renders and modern buildings alike.

Ultra-High Dynamic Range
A typical photo-based HDRI has a dynamic range of about 12 f-stops. Our simulated HDRI skies have between 20 and 30 stops for greater quality and more realistic results.

Crisp Shadows
It’s all about the sun. Because our HDRIs are exposed with such an ultra-high dynamic range, it means that our sun’s cast perfectly crisp realistic shadows in your scene.
Perfect Sun

No Flares
Since these HDRIs were digitally created, Ultimate Skies avoids any unwanted flares caused by a traditional camera lens. No more flared sun reflections in your objects.
Multiple Times of Day

Time of Day
From golden hour to high-noon, these skies include multiple times of day. You’re covered from sunrise to sunset.

With this HDRI pack, the sky is the limit.
What are HDRI Packs?

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Packs are curated collections of High Dynamic Range Images used to create realistic lighting and reflections on 3D objects.

Originally built for Cinema 4D, in tandem with HDRI Studio Rig or HDRI Link, we’ve expanded our HDRI collection to work with other 3D applications like Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Element 3D for After Effects, Houdini, Blender, and more.

Using Ultimate Skies

This HDRI pack is available for both Cinema 4D and 3D applications that accept EXR files.

Ultimate Skies in Cinema 4D

The Ultimate Skies HDRI pack for Cinema 4D requires either HDRI Studio Rig (for Physical and Standard Renderer) or HDRI Link (for Third-Party Renderers).

Use the Greyscalegorilla HDRI Browser to scan for the sky of your choice. Then simply click the HDRI you want to use in your scene.

We recommend using the provided low-res preview image for optimized speed in Cinema 4D. Simply switch to the 12K or 4K versions when it comes time to render your final scene.

Ultimate Skies in 3D Applications

This HDRI pack Opens EXR files that are compatible with 3D software that accepts EXR files. This includes (but not limited to) Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Element 3D (for After Effects), Blender, and Keyshot.