GreyscaleGorilla – GSG Modern Surface Material Collection Redshift & Arnold

Over 250 elegant
drag-and-drop materials

Built for Cinema 4D, these materials are compatible with Redshift, Octane, and Arnold render engines.

Geometric Vases

Key Features

3D spheres showing a range of materials

Drag-and-Drop Materials

No need to build shaders, drop these fully assembled materials directly into your project.

4K Tileable Textures

Ready to scale and wrap around your objects of any size. (image by Omar Aquil)

Textured spheres

Mid-century modern inspired ceramics, metal, paper, stone, terrazzo, wood, and a variety of popular patterns.

Color Palettes

Eye-Catching Color Palettes

48 trendy color combinations to give you the perfect composition and look. Easy to use with Cinema 4D’s native color tools.

Customizable Tones and Textures

140 materials give you added controls to adjust color or finishes. Choose from a variety of ceramic finishes, including unglazed, matte, pitted, or glossy. (image by Peter Tarka)

Ceramic cups

Render Ready

Materials are delivered and ready to use in Redshift, Octane, and Arnold render engines. Not compatible with Standard/Physical/Pro Render.

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