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I’d like to start off by saying I am profusely sorry that it has taken me this long to edit this thread. I do have to say though, this one blew up lol.

ITT: I have compiled a list of all available GSG Products in one place, making it easier on you in upgrading your C4D Experienece with GSG’s amazing tools and plugins. Always remember though, if you have the means to purchase any of the products here, please do. Just because they re “free” here doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some sweat and tears to develop.

Without further ado, here we go.

If you are having trouble with plugins not working in R20, please download the following file and install it in the main directory of your R20 installation, as well as the plugin folder destination as well as the plugins folder that is located in the C4D AppData folder under preferences. To access the AppData folder easily, launch C4D, click Edit > Preferences and on the bottom of this window is a button to click that opens the preferences folder which is in the AppData folder:


  1. GSG HDRI Studio Pack v2.148
  2. GSG Light Kit Pro 3
  3. Gorilla Cam
  4. GSG City Kit v1.2
  5. GSG HDRI Link 1.05
  6. GSG Signal v1.5
  7. GSG Topcoat v1.504
  8. GSG HDRI Collections
  9. GSG Drive

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