Graswald Pro 1.3.11 – Personal For Blender

Graswald Pro 1.3.11 – Personal For Blender
Premium Vegetation and Easy Scattering
Your imagination is the limit.

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Change the way you create environments with some of the best 3D plant models on the market and a powerful Blender integration for fast and flexible workflows.
Trusted by professionals around the world.

Graswald is the solution for 3D Artists who need realistic vegetation in their scenes. Our world class models allow you to create anything you want. And with our powerful Blender integration, you get maximum control with no effort.
3D Models
First-class 3D models used by professionals around the world.

Courtesy of Sehsucht and FUSE
Unprecedented detail
Our plants are so detailed that they have been used for close-up commercial shots in the film & advertising industry.
Never ending variation
Our assets cover everything you need to build environments from the ground up that look photoreal and are highly customizable.
Optimization at its core
With material qualities, LODs and Clump models, we provide a completet toolset to optimize your scene. That way you get astonishing quality without compromising performance.
A powerful toolkit to kickstart your nature scenes.
Smart Materials
Simulate the seasons by changing the age or dryness of your plants with one click. Even add lawn stripes or dead patches for ultimate control.
Easy to use scattering
We make particle systems easy. No more fiddling around with weird settings thanks to our clean and straightforward scattering functions. Create a perfect grass field in minutes.
Simple User Interface
Most developers focus on function over form. Our interface is an exception. Its clean design saves you a lot of time, so you can focus on what matters.
Our Products
Tailored to your needs and budget.

Graswald Pro
The ultimate toolbox for creating professional natural environments. With more than 1,200 individual models, it features one of the most extensive libraries for 3D vegetation on the Blender Market. And our easy to use scattering features are perfect for creating realistic scenes fast.

Perfect for students and hobbyists, who don’t want to cut back on quality. With simplified controls it lets you get started easily even if you only have limited Blender knowledge. Includes 887 of the 1,200 individual models from Graswald Pro.

Asset Library
For all the non-Blender users out there who don’t want to miss high quality vegetation. Features all the models and textures as fbx and png. (The Asset Library comes with Graswald Pro as well, so if you work with multiple softwares, there’s no need to get both).
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