Graswald For Blender 2.8


Tailored for Blender 2.80

With Graswald for Blender 2.0 you can now enjoy a brand new interface tailored specifically for the new Blender 2.80 as well as performance and stability improvements. You can now also easily move different Graswald Systems between multiple blend files. This, as well as the now separated particle systems and settings, allow for way more flexibility and control when duplicating systems or working on different objects and scenes.

It’s realtime, baby!

All Graswald materials have been carefully re-adjusted to work seamlessly with the new Eevee render engine, allowing you to do all the things you already love even faster. Changing the age or dryness of a plant with instant feedback is a life changer.
The Problem with Species-Driven Particle Systems.

Plants grow in many different ways, depending on the amount of rain they get, the amount of sunlight, the temperature, their age, and other species that grow in the same place (plants AND animals). That way, you might find the same species of grass growing as a big tuft or mowed down in your lawn, looking completely different. Most asset packs though focus on species only, and therefore can’t illustrate the full variety of vegetation.

To solve this, Graswald assets are organized by species, but for each species, you can use different particle systems, displaying different variants of the same species.

For example, if you want to add Ribwort Plantains to your scene, you can either add big plantains as you’d find in a meadow or the smaller variant that might grow in your lawn. You can also support them with the fitting plantain flowers, or some dead plantains, that are decaying below.

Get the Detail you need!

Every single asset was carefully modeled with reference to the structural details of the real plant. With Graswald, you’ll get photoreal grass with visible nodes, sheaths, and collars or weed flowers with visible ligules and stigmata, allowing stunning detail that even holds up in close-up situations and micro shots.

There is no faster way to add your assets.

Add ready-made Particle Systems to your scene with literally three clicks, or import the individual assets, which you can then place by hand for close-up situations.

Build complete Ecosystems.

Graswald doesn’t only provide green grass blades and a few weeds. Adding dead leaves, (dead) moss, sticks, pine needles and other scatter debris lets you build environments from the ground up that look photoreal and are highly customizable.

Unlimited Variations.

Graswald consists of a total of 32 different species of grass, weeds, moss, dead leaves and ground debris.

Chose between a total of 79 different particle systems consisting of up to 69 model variations per particle system.

You’ll get a total of 663 different models, allowing an incredible amount of variation for your nature scenes.

If you want to jump on the endless Physically Based Rendering train, you’re good to go! All Graswald materials are using the brand new Principled BSDF shader, allowing a flexible workflow with physically correct shading where you need it. This ensures that the assets will always look great in every lighting condition!

Artistic control is still important though, so if you want to have less intense reflections for whatever reasons, do not despair. Graswald’s interface allows you to change all important settings, so you’ll get full control of your Roughness, Specular, Bump and Translucency.
Make it your own!