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Google usually does when in any area of ​​entry, then the field will be the best of it.


Facilities and browser features Google Chrome:

– the possibility of extraordinary Ykparchhshdn Google search with the address bar (word recognition and completing it before the search)

– High speed initial implementation of software

– simple, yet attractive interface.

– stability program, even in the opening pages

– Having a large number of functional extensions

– Ability to install and enable or disable plug-ins without having to restart the software.

– A built-in PDF Reader

– Ability to save page as PDF without the need for plug-ins

– A built-in Flash Player


Notes Chrome browser:

– trials program is not only stable and final version is presented.

– Four official version of Chrome released one for the installer is online and the other three types offline, with the difference that the possibility of automatic updating, and the other may not make copies that can auto-update with two msi exe format and provided an exe version and update without the possibility of putting the offline version.

– The first edition of the 64-bit version 37 stable also released that both versions are available separately.

– usually shortly after the introduction of a new version of Adobe Flash Player, Chrome, also updated to the latest version of Flash Player equipped.

– Unlike Firefox browser RSS Reader is built.

required system

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later

Disk space Free: 100 MB

RAM: 128 MB


Google Chrome

Installation guide

A typical installation as Silent Installation is done simply by running it.

If you connect to the Internet and run the version with the ability to automatically update before installing the latest version available and if a new version is downloaded and installed it

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